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Paid for my bill. Feels like 100 outside and they said people are more important than my kids and I and they will get their service back on before me. What a joke. I seriously hate them!

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My apartment complex almost every other week now, I've been told there's "equipmeny damage." How many times in several months straight can there be the same issue! It takes over 6 hours to fix. This is getting ridiculous. No power, for hours and hours. Having to work and our phones can't even charge because it dies , there's no alarm, no lighting to see anything. This has been happening for months, every other week! I buy candles up the... Read more

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Called to talk to a human being. "Your wait time is between 45 minutes to 1 hour, 15 minutes." With the killing you make off of your victims, I mean customers, you can afford to hire more customer service representatives. I don't have over an hour to wait on hold to talk to someone about making a payment arrangement. Then, you guys want to charge me $400 a month for just using a tv, some lamps, and a refrigerator. You're *** high. I had to pay... Read more

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Being 2 months late and only owing 80.00 and having electric turned off is a complete joke! The fees and deposit to turn back on is more than bill owed and is rediculous! It's a wonder how you stay in business when you obviously are oblivious.

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I am completly outraged at this company dare you send someone to my house to dissconnect my service when i have a medical cert... not only that but the guy who came was a ***... my husband is very ill and when all of a sudden our power went out he walked outside to see what was going on only to be treated like ***!!!! The *** u had come here kept calling him an *** and a *** let me tell you somethung all my husband did was ask him to... Read more

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it is ridiculous how often i lose power through this company. i'm a new customer and have only lived hear 8 months i've lost power for hours at a time more than 5 times. i'ts completely ridiculous. i fear for the safety of my electronics. if they can't provide a reliable service they should be put out of business. from what other stuff i read on this page this company seems like borderline criminals. definitely considering switching companies. ... Read more

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After making a payment of $716.00 less than a month ago, I was informed I needed to call to reinstate my budget plan. I did. The lady on the phone proceeded to call me names and belittle me until I snapped! All i wanted to know was what my bill would be and where I could pay it, to which she yelled at me and continued to call me names. Who hires these people? Is this what they learn in training? To attempt to intimidate customers? If this was a... Read more

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Called before they were closed and was kept on hold until they closed then was hung up on. Then called back but was told it was outside of business hours to call back later. Was told my light would be on the same day but they didn't put the work order in until the next day. So all they do is give you the run around. They are a heartless company. ..

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So, since June apparently I have been put on the budget plan for my electric bill when I NEVER requested it. I'm highly pissed that someone would go in and change my plan without my consent!!! I get told I can get off the budget plan if I pay $91. WTF is that? You are going to charge me for your F*** up??? Um, NO! This place is a joke! Get your *** together. I shouldn't have to pay for a mistake the employees made on my account. Read more

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Late one time and they add a deposit. Ridiculous. Not a fair practice. I'm looking into switching companies. Also I had a real reading with less kwh and it was more than an estimate with more. Another shady practice. The bills keep doubling for no reason. What a monopoly. Ohio Edison isn't even that great. Our service goes out continually. It's always the same spot by our residence. Also when it goes out it is for extended periods of... Read more

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